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The first production car was built in the early XX century at the factory “Ford”. The first car was assembled in 1908. It was a Ford Model T. The car was produced until 1928 and became a legend.

The brilliant manager and mechanic Henry Ford always said: “The car can be of any color, if it is black”. He focused on the car’s versatility, completely rejecting individuality. That’s what ruined him.

Despite the versatility of the Ford Model T and its simple but reliable functionality, in the 1920s he had a competitor in the form of General Motors. This company offered each customer a unique car with an unusual internal device.

In those days, there were only manual gearboxes and weak engines. But cars rarely exceeded 50 miles per hour. Now that’s changed. Modern cars are a masterpiece of engineering thought, the inside of which is filled with the most modern electronics and ultra-complicated control systems.

The technical parameters have long gone beyond fiction. Now acceleration up to 100 kilometers in 4 seconds is a reality that will not surprise anyone. At the same time, there are hundreds of companies in the market that sell a variety of cars. However, despite all this diversity – the general arrangement of cars they have very similar.

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Parts car
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